Blue States Petition To Peacefully Secede. Pray Tell, Why?

Click on State to Sign Secession Petitions

Texas      Tennessee       Missouri      New York      South Carolina

New Jersey      Montana      Indiana      Mississippi      Georgia    

Kentucky      North Carolina      Alabama      Louisiana 

Pray tell, Michigan,  New York,  Florida,  Colorado, why do you want to secede?  Remember, YOU WON!!!  Those of you who are residents in these states and don’t want to be masters of our money, may have to pack up and high tail it to a Freedom State.  Oh, now it makes sense…..Obamunist States secede and form a new country(perhaps called Obama Nation?).  Is the game plan to have only the petitions from the Blue Follower States accepted and be the ones to officially secede, thus leaving us with the pride of being The United States of America and all YOUR FRIGGIN DEBT.  Ha, you can run but you can’t hide.  You own the debt, Baby, and you are going to pay it from the fruits of your own labor.  (Hey, just hold some Hollywood fundraisers for your rock star, celebrity president and whittle away at it — for generations, that is.  Maybe a few raffles for dinner with Dear Little-Man Leader is an option?  Or just print more money?)

Jesting aside, really why would these states be requesting to peacefully secede?

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