Living as an American in Amerika — Coming to a Store Near You!

Looking forward to seeing bumper stickers, signs in store windows, posts in doctor’s office, notices from insurance companies, or in storefronts of businesses forced to closed for noncompliance to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111–148)

We can stop this. Do not cease BEING AMERICAN. Noncompliance in overwhelming amounts makes usurption fail. Noncompliance, as in refusing to be a part of businesses confiscating monies from their employees and handing it over to the government. Businesses are our friends and if we support them in organizing a drop-dead date for all to start noncompliance, it breaks the Regimes programme. The producers have to unite and take control of their own money and lives. If we let one business do it here and another do it there, they are open to fines, thuggery, harm to family members, etc., but if 65% or so do in UNITY, there are not the resources to implement. We must NOT ACT LIKE SLAVES WHILE WE ARE STILL FREE!!!!!! Noncompliance vs applying for waivers and America still breathes.

WHO REALLY holds the power here? That’s right, the hand that feeds Socialism and it ain’t the government. It is the producers who hand over ownership of the fruits of their labors. We are AMERICANS AGAINST GOVERNMENT SLAVERY.  WE DO NOT ABDICATE OUR FREEDOM.


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2 thoughts on “Living as an American in Amerika — Coming to a Store Near You!

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