Dear Veterans of the United States Armed Forces,

        I have three children and I was there for all of their births, there for first teeth coming in, there to see first steps taken, there to help teach them how to tie shoe laces, there for graduation ceremonies from the kindergarten. I’ve taken them to YMCA league basketball practice, and soccer, and dance, and whatever else they’ve been into.
         Though I’ve missed a few, I’ve been there to watch their games. Been there to blow runny noses, help them figure out how two minus three can result in a number that’s less actually than zero.
        With the exception of nights I’ve slept in a comfortable hotel room, I’ve sleep in a king-sized bed with the one I love every night for the past 19 1/2 years. I eat hot meals when I desire. I’ve never really volunteered to lay my life on the line for anyone, let alone perfect strangers. I’ve never pulled a 16-hour patrol shift, never climbed to the top of some sand hill in 115 degree heat wearing kevlar body armor, a 65-pound backpack and carrying a machine gun. I’ve never slept in a hole in the ground that I’d dug just hours before, or in the crawl-space beneath a Humvee. Continue reading

Remembering Captain Joe Kittinger

Remembering Joe Kittinger: C-O-M-E  A-N-D  G-E-T M-E
Felix Baumgartner made the news earlier this week with his jump through the sound barrier but don’t forget that he was trying to outdo what Captain Kittinger did over 50 years ago.
In 1960 Kitti
nger jumped from 102,800 feet and set the highest balloon ascent, highest parachute jump, longest drogue-fall (four minutes), and fastest speed by a human being through the atmosphere. Later he served three tours in Vietnam and spent a year as a North Vietnamese POW when he was shot down in 1972. And this week at age 84 he served as the capsule commander during Baumgartner’s jump. 

The advice from master to student over the past three years has been simple:                Be prepared. Know what to do and how to do it.” 

Read more about The Captain at his websight.  Better yet, purchase “Come Up and Get Me”,  his autobiography which was awarded Book Of the Year Award for 2010~Silver 2nd Place Winner for Autobiography/Memoir category.  Details for obtaining an autographed copy are at his website.                       

Captain Kittinger, Thank you for your service.                                                  

h/t solaratov

A Personal Offer to Train Victimized Women of the Left

October 3, 2012

By Tiffiny Ruegner featured in TPNN

Today, another conservative woman brought the following video to my attention. When I first watched it, I was aghast to find this home video of a strange man impersonating a Republican stalking a nice woman in her own home. I say impersonating because you can obviously tell the man has too much artistic flair to be a Republican (FBWallflower disagrees on this one – Her Republican man is full of artistic flair.). Besides, liberals are the ones who want to control every aspect of a woman’s life. It was terrifying to watch her allow a man to follow her around and force her to do his will. I kept waiting for her to get her gun and then, I remembered: This is a liberal woman. She doesn’t have a gun.*Head shaking* It is seriously unfair that conservative women GOT IT and feminist victims just don’t.

IMPORTANT Message to liberal feminists in fear: If you do find a strange man under your bed, in your shower or in your closet, don’t allow them to stay. Let a conservative woman teach you how you can protect yourselves. Then, you will no longer need to invite BIG Government to come into your bedroom and take care of your “special” needs. Our 3-step program will give you all the personal power, firepower and man power you will ever need so you can break free of your institutional dependency on government forever! Continue reading